Thursday, May 27, 2010

You might think im bulletproof.

Have you ever felt like as much as you looked for that certain person you will never find them. Like there is no person in this world that could be for you. I know that you have to stop looking and thats when the person will come to you but its not that easy. You can't help it when you find someone and you think that they could possibly be great for you but then something goes wrong and its over just like that. Now I try not to care before I know how the other person feels, and from now on when I know how the other person feels I will still try not to care that much until i know i can fully trust them because when i think they may care I may be wrong. I learned this strategy a little too late though. I am really good at interpreting peoples feelings when it comes to "having something on their mind" or if they are just simply "upset" but im really bad at interpreting when feelings towards me are fake or real. I tend to think my life will end up like a fairytale which is not a good thing. It causes me to believe things that aren't really real. I do realize one day i will find someone and as much as i want that, it also scares the crap out of me. When i think about that a million things start running through my mind. and some are good and some are not good. but thats just a problem i have. i think on things wayyy too much which tends to put my mind in knots and confuse me. Which is something im trying to work on. Im working on doing what i think is right and what i want and how it will affect my future all in one. instead of doing just one at a time. I need to do what i want but i need to do the right thing but i also need to look at how doing those two things will affect my future. So this is where i start at changing my life around. This is the beginning of a new me. Enjoy.

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